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In today's Washington arts scene, Washington Dunhuang Guzheng Academy has become the leader in the performing arts of Washington's music industry. The Washington Dunhuang Guzheng Academy (华盛顿敦煌筝乐坊)was founded in 2006 by the well known guzheng instructor Lei Gu and a group of Washington DC area guzheng-lovers from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

In the spirit of disseminating and promoting traditional Chinese culture, members actively participate in various performance venues in the Chinese community as well as the community at large. We have successfully presented various performances on stage in most of major activities all over the Washington Metropolitan Area, as well as at many DC federal and local government events. Recently, we were invited to perform with other local musicians to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday at Strathmore Music Center. Our performances have been widely praised by Chinese and American audiences.

The best way of inheriting tradition is to develop the new from the old. Therefore, in our performances, we often integrate Western musical instruments or other cultural instruments into our music. In the 2010 "Dunhuang Dream" student concert, we successfully held a special guzheng concert combined with Chinese and Western musical instruments and other combinations of a variety of performing arts.

Ms. Lei Gu fully displayed her creativity and innovative style at the concert. With her extensive music art background, people clearly saw her distinguished and unprecedented teaching skills from the student's outstanding performances and newly learned skills.

To promote the Chinese folk music culture for people all over the world, as well as the developments of the guzheng music career, service to the community is our mission. We will keep presenting our best performance to our audiences, popularize guzheng, and teach and educate qualified guzheng players. We hope that every student will gain great accomplishments from what they have learned .

Music has no borders, and guzheng has become an important bridge in sharing Chinese culture. We hope that more people will enjoy and play guzheng just as we do. This will enable Chinese traditional culture to flourish from generation to generation.